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China Cosmetic Ingredient Submission Code Application – Latest Updates and Practical Guidance

Kelsey Liu 劉琦笑, Xixi Li
Wednesday , 19th Apr 2023

The Provisions for Management of Cosmetic Registration and Notification Dossiers that came into force on May 1, 2021 requires cosmetics registrants and notifiers to provide safety-related information about the ingredients used in their products during registration or notification. To simplify the application process, NMPA has introduced the ingredient submission code, which allows registrants or notifiers to fill in the code and directly associate the ingredient safety information, without the need to upload related documents by themselves.

However, the regulations surrounding the ingredient submission code have undergone several changes since its introduction. The most recent update to the management measures for the code was released on March 27, 2023. This update clarifies the responsibilities of relevant responsible persons, submission methods for the ingredient submission code, and the transition period policy.

To ensure global cosmetics stakeholders stay informed and better understand the latest regulation changes, ChemLinked has invited Ms. Xixi Li, a technical expert from REACH24H, to share her knowledge and insights on the topic. In addition, Ms. Kelsey Liu will host the same content in Japanese to accommodate attendees from different language backgrounds.

*To have a better chance of your questions being addressed, you’re welcome to email us the questions before the webinar.


1. Regulatory Background

2. Application Procedure

2.1 Set up a NMPA account

2.2 Required Ingredient safety information

2.3 Post-application

3. Latest updates

4. Compliance advice

*The final outline may be subjected to subtle revision.

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  • Regulatory Consultant 法規制コンサルタント
  • Regulatory Affairs Consultant
    Xixi Li works as a regulatory consultant at the Cosmetics Compliance Team of Reach24H. She has offered professional consulting services to numerous cosmetic companies and cosmetic ingredient suppliers worldwide to help them achieve and maintain regulatory compliance in China, Europe, the US and some Asian countries.
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