[China Cosmetic Webinar Series 3] Baby Products Regulations

Nina He
Wednesday , 31st Aug 2016
REACH24H Consulting Group China

In May 2014 ChemLinked Cosmetic Portal was born with the mission to help our clients to enter and stay in the Chinese and AP markets. We are now celebrating our 2-year anniversary. To celebrate our continued growth ChemLinked will host a webinar series dealing with the most important issues in China’s cosmetic market regulation.

The webinar series will deal with China cosmetic regulations and will cover four cosmetic categories: sunscreens, whitening products, baby cosmetics and oral care products. Every month, a different expert at Cosmetic Division of Reach24H Consulting Company, founder of ChemLinked will be invited to give a presentation.

As a professional team providing compliance services, the Cosmetic Division has extensive experience in CFDA cosmetic registration and has successfully completed numerous cases. In addition, the team consists of knowledgeable specialists with strong academic backgrounds, such as toxicology, chemistry, pharmacy and medicine. During the webinars, speakers will share their actual compliance experience and interpret the requirements from the aspects of product formulation, testing, labels, claim, etc.

The first webinar will take place at June 29th 2016. To promote the webinar and celebrate our success, access to the complete webinar series (4 webinars) can be purchased for the special price of just $99.99 or alternatively individual webinars can be purchased for just $36.99.

In China baby products are subject to very strict supervision by CFDA. This webinar will introduce the essential knowledge of baby products regulations and CFDA’s review standard, give advice on how to prepare the application dossiers and compare the supervision status between China and EU.


1. Market Analysis

2. Regulations in China

  • Definition

  • Principle of Formula

  • Safety Requirements

  • Application Requirements

  • Review Standard

3.  Supervision status between China and EU


sunscreensNina He  Cosmetic Safety Assessment Specialist

Ms. He specializes in the cosmetic safety assessment area and focuses on cosmetic ingredient evaluation for substance of potential risk. In addition, she has 7 years working experiences in medicine area along with medicine toxicology examination experience in lab.