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China Cosmetics Webinar: Compliance Challenges Facing Imported Cosmetics and New Ingredients

Tommy Kong, Martin Hu
Wednesday , 28th Aug 2013
REACH24H Consulting Group China

China's current cosmetic regulatory system consists of the overarching “Regulations concerning the Hygiene Supervision over Cosmetics (1989)” and a series of subsidiary rules, standards and guidance documents issued by the former authority, the China Ministry of Health (MOH) and the current regulator, China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA). Continuous change in cosmetic legislations and the institutional changes which brought about the newly formed CFDA have introduced new requirements for cosmetics prior to entering the Chinese market.

Leading experts from REACH24H Consulting Group will elaborate on the regulatory strategy for imported cosmetic products and the challenges facing new ingredients application in China. Case studies and practical guidance will also be shared.


1. Practical Compliance Strategy for Imported Cosmetic Products in China by Mr Tommy Kong of REACH24H Consulting Group 

  • China cosmetic regulatory framework

  • Special focus on requirement on imported cosmetics

  • Analysis of failing cases to pass the CFDA review 

  • Regulatory Compliance advices

2. Challenges Facing New Cosmetic Ingredients in China by Mr. Martin Hu of REACH24H Consulting Group

  • Regulatory Requirements of New Cosmetic Ingredient in China

  •  Application procedure and dossier requirements

  • Controversial issues of animal testing

  • Case study of approved new cosmetic ingredients


Mr. Tommy Kong, Head of Cosmetics & Personal Care Products Services, REACH24H Consulting Group 

Mr. Kong has worked for REACH24H for more than five years. During this time Mr. Kong quickly established himself as an integral member of the REACH24H team, distinguishing himself through his professionalism and his depth of understanding of China New Chemical Notification. He has been at the helm of numerous campaigns such as SIEF communication under EU REACH, China NCSN and served as an indispensable repository of information on China cosmetic regulations. Mr. Kong is now leading REACH24H’s China cosmetic regulatory compliance department and has established himself as renowned and respected expert in this field.

Mr. Kong received his Master degree from the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences of Peking University, during which he received systematic academic and drug pre-clinical safety evaluation training.

Mr. Martin Hu, Project Manager of Cosmetics & Personal Care Products Services, REACH24H Consulting Group 

Since beginning at REACH24H, Mr.Hu has worked on countless projects relating to China New Chemical Substance Notification. Mr. Hu has published an extensive body of work on China NCSN and China cosmetics regulations. Numerous presentations and appearances at a diverse range of seminars, conferences and forums have cemented his position as an expert on Chinese Chemical regulations and he is now widely regarded as one of the foremost experts on this subject.

Mr. Martin Hu graduated with Master Degree in Pharmaceutics from Zhejiang University.