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Decoding India’s New Cosmetics Rules 2020

Rucha Kelkar
Thursday , 13th May 2021

The Cosmetic Rules 2020 was published in GSR 763 (e) by the India Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and enforced from December 15th, 2020. The new rules have streamlined, clarified the regulatory requirements and standards on the import, manufacture, and distribution of cosmetics in India. The new rules enhance accountability for importers and manufacturers with respect to the quality of their cosmetic products. The digitalization of the regulatory process going forward is also bound to increase efficiencies and make the application process smooth and less time-consuming to the importers and manufacturers.

To help enterprises better cope with the Cosmetic Rules 2020, ChemLinked invited Ms. Rucha Kelkar, the founder of Praha Regulatory Consultants, to detail the key changes brought by the new rules, the regulatory requirements of imported cosmetics, and advice on regulatory compliance.

  1. Cosmetic Market in India

  2. Introduction to the Cosmetic Rules 2020

  3. Applicability and Saving Clause

  4. How are cosmetics defined in India

  5. Competent Authorities

  6. Importing Cosmetics in India

  7. Import of New Cosmetics

  8. Secondary Import

  9. Standards for Cosmetics

  10. Good Manufacturing Practices

  11. Labelling Requirements

  12. Miscellaneous

  13. Difference between the ‘Old’ and ‘New’ Rules

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  • Founder, Praha Regulatory Consultants
    Rucha has over six years of academic knowledge in cosmetic science and over eight years of work experience in India and the USA in Product Development (R&D), Quality and Regulatory Compliance, and Affairs of cosmetics and personal care. Her expertise in some mature and rapidly growing cosmetics markets like the USA, Canada, Australia, EU, India, New Zealand, Japan, and China has helped speed up the domestic and international growth cost-effectively and efficiently of the clients. Her regulatory compliance support to the cosmetic brands with a structured approach has helped her maintain a long-term relationship with her clients.