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Exploring the Latest Trends and Compliance Strategies in the Japanese Cosmetics Market

Tiangu Yuan
Wednesday , 27th Mar 2024
REACH24H; ChemLinked

The Japanese cosmetics market is witnessing a rapid evolution in regulations and compliance requirements. Changes in regulations, adjustments in labeling requirements, and stricter scrutiny of ingredients necessitate prompt strategic adaptations by businesses to ensure sustainability and competitiveness.

To assist cosmetics companies in tackling these challenges, ChemLinked is organizing an exclusive online seminar titled "Exploring the Latest Trends and Compliance Strategies in the Japanese Cosmetics Market" on March 27. By participating, attendees will gain profound insights into the latest compliance trends in the Japanese cosmetics industry, enabling them to address crucial concerns such as the impact of regulatory modifications on product compliance, efficient management and update of compliance documentation, and astute analysis of market trends.

In this webinar, ChemLinked invited Mr. Yuan Tiangu, our professional regulatory expert and market analyst, to conduct the webinar by delving into core compliance issues in the Japanese cosmetics industry through compelling case studies and practical applications. Through this seminar, we will share the latest regulatory requirements, innovative compliance strategies, and emerging market trends, providing practical solutions to help you better understand and address compliance challenges.

*To have a better chance of your questions being addressed, you’re welcome to email us the questions before the webinar.

  • Part 1. Japanese cosmetics market analysis

  • Part 2. Overview and classification of Japanese cosmetics

  • Part 3. Summary of the key points of Japanese cosmetics regulations

  • Part 4. Japanese cosmetics quality management

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  • REACH24H JAPAN President
    12 years focus on beauty Japanese chemical industry, worked in Japan KOSE, POLA two major cosmetic groups Previously served as domestic and overseas sales in Japan, and rose to the head of the overseas sales department. Have new country channel development, network channel, duty-free channel, visit door-to-door and other channels of sales experience, familiar with the Japanese beauty business environment and market information. As the general manager of overseas sales, he is well versed in cosmetic compliance in Japan, China (including Taiwan), Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, and Europe.