China Focus: Market Performance of Japanese, Korean, French and American Cosmetics

Winnie Xu
Wednesday , 18th Sep 2019
REACH24H Consulting Group China

As the world's second-largest beauty market, China's cosmetic sector is one of the most promising and dynamic fields of business and has great attraction for global cosmetic enterprises. Imported cosmetics, especially Japanese, Korean, French and American brands, have long dominated the market in China.

The webinar is going to analyze the market performance, marketing tactics and respective characteristics of cosmetics originating from Japan, South Korea, France and America to help international stakeholders who are eager for a slice of this huge potential market to develop an efficient market entry strategy and gain a toehold in the industry.


1. Market Status

2. Analysis of cosmetic segments
3. Market performance of International Key Players

  • Japanese cosmetics

  • South Korean cosmetics

  • French cosmetics

  • American cosmetics

4. Analysis of underperforming brands
5. Conclusion

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