[4th Anniversary Series 2] In depth Interpretation: Feasible Ways and Compliance Requirements for China Cosmetic Market Entry

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Winnie Xu
Wednesday , 19th Sep 2018
REACH24H Consulting Group China

As a token of appreciation for our members' patronage, ChemLinked cosmetic portal will hold its 4th anniversary with a series of webinars which covers various hot issues of China cosmetic regulations. Considering China cosmetic market has developed rapidly in recent years and has become the world's largest emerging and most profitable market, foreign cosmetic enterprises able to tap into the growth and efficient market entry strategies will gain enormous profits. We will invite industry experts to share their rich experience in Chinese cosmetic market entry, including breaking up registration technical difficulties, detailing regulations of cosmetics and new ingredients and analyzing Chinese cosmetic market.

This is the second webinar, analyst from ChemLinked team will present a detailed overview of China cosmetics market, clearly elaborate the feasible ways and strategy of China cosmetic market entry, deeply analyze the different compliance requirements, and finally share the practical advice with foreign enterprises to access Chinese market.

As an anniversary series, you may get access to this webinar individually for the price of $129, but you also can purchase the whole series package (5 webinars) for a special price of only $525 (20 % off). 

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Sep 12, 2018

10:00-11:00 (GMT+8)

Insights on Cosmetics Market and Trends in China


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21:30-22:30 (GMT+8)

Sep 19, 2018

10:00-11:00 (GMT+8)

In depth Interpretation: Feasible Ways and Compliance Requirements for China Cosmetic Market Entry

129 USD

(Resource Available)

21:30-22:30 (GMT+8)

Sep 26, 2018

10:00-11:00 (GMT+8)

Breakup Technical Difficulties & Make One-time Pass for CFDA Imported Cosmetic Registration

199 USD

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21:30-22:30 (GMT+8)

Oct 10, 2018

10:00-11:00 (GMT+8)

New Cosmetic Ingredient:Regulation Review in China & EU


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21:30-22:30 (GMT+8)

Oct 17, 2018

10:00-11:00 (GMT+8)

The New Cosmetic Regulatory Landscape: “Protectionist China" V.S. “Open for Business China"

129 USD

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21:30-22:30 (GMT+8)

Package (5 webinars)

525 USD (20% off)


1. Status Quo and Prospect of China Cosmetic Market

  • Background on market

  • Policies on Trade Promotion

2. General Trade and Compliance Requirements

  • China Cosmetic Regulations

  • Registration

  • Filing

  • Custom clearance

3. Other feasible Market Entry

  • CBEC

  • Manufacture domestically (Establish domestic factories within China; OEM)

4. Summary

  • Comparison of the mentioned ways

  • Practical advice

  • ChemLinked Regulatory Analyst
    Winnie Xu is an experienced cosmetic regulatory analyst in the ChemLinked team tasked with tracking, analyzing and interpreting the latest regulatory and market changes in China, Japan, and the rest of the Asia Pacific area. She has published a number of news and articles on cosmetic regulatory compliance and involved in various industry conferences. Areas of expertise: Cosmetic Pre-Market Approval Compliance, Cosmetic Ingredient Requirements, Animal Testing and CBEC.