The Future of Regulation in China’s Cosmetic Sector

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Angelita Hu
Wednesday , 23rd Oct 2019
REACH24H Consulting Group China

On September 27 the 2019 China Fragrance Flavor and Cosmetic Industries Annual Meeting was held in Xiamen. An official from NMPA disclosed details of China's new cosmetic regulatory framework.

During this webinar ChemLinked Cosmetic Managing Editor Angelita Hu who attended the meeting will share key insights, interpret the recent changes to regulations and predict regulatory trends and impact on market access and business activities going forward.


1.A glance at China’s New Cosmetic Regulatory Framework

  • Framework introduction

  • Regulations status

  • Basic supervision model

2.Interpretations of Regulations Released in the New Framework
  • Standards for Cosmetic Registration and Filing Testing

  • Announcement on the Implementation of New Requirements on Special-use Cosmetics License Renewal

  • Announcement on Replacing Registration of First-imported Cosmetics with Filing

  • Administrative Measures for Filing of Non-special Use Cosmetics (Draft)

  • Guidance of Cosmetic Efficacy Claim Evaluation in China (Draft)

  • Standard for Cosmetic Classification

3.Regulatory Trends

*We encourage webinar attendees to raise questions ahead of the webinar. All questions will be addressed during the webinar or after.

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