How Tmall and Other Chinese Ecommerce Platforms Boost Cosmetic Sales?

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Katniss Fang
Wednesday , 20th Nov 2019

The scale of China's online retail is expanding every year. In tandem with this growth there is huge demand for imported products.

As the largest third-party retail platform in China, Tmall GMV in fiscal year 2019 reached $368 billion dollars, boasting a year-on-year growth rate higher than the overall Chinese retail market and the average growth rate of the industry. Tmall cooperates with over 150,000 brands and has become China’s most important ecommerce channel and a major force for digital transformation.

Tmall's double 11 online shopping festival (China's version of Black Friday that happens on November 11th every year) is now the largest event of its kind in the world grossing 30 billion USD in just 24 hours. Double 11 is now a crucial part of a company’s annual growth strategy.

During the webinar, Ms. Katniss will firstly introduce China's e-commerce sector, the development of the Tmall platform and then offer guidance and suggestions on an optimal Tmall operational strategy.


1. The Value and Importance of Tmall

 1.1 The current situation of e-commerce in China
 1.2 Analysis of Cosmetics E-commerce
 1.3 Advantages and benchmarking of Tmall

2. Successful Cases on Tmall
 2.1 Overview of the case
 2.2 Annual sales of flagship store in 2018
 2.3 Sales strategy of hot products
 2.4 Proportion of Tmall promotion expenses 
3. Annual sales operation plan on Tmall
 3.1 Annual business objectives
 3.2 Annual operation plan
 3.3 Operation in double 11
4. Operation and Suggestions for Brands
 4.1 Brand entry process
 4.2 Key rules
 4.3 Operation team structure
 4.4 Operation mode


sunscreensKatniss Fang  Senior Branding Operation Specialist

Katniss Fang is a senior branding and operation specialist of Shanghai ProMassey Management Consulting Co., Ltd. She has worked with all of China’s top 3 ecommerce companies and has developed successful China market brand strategies and marketing plans for several large multinational companies. Katniss has deep insight on Chinese e-commerce management and focuses on providing comprehensive operation plans to help brands achieve sales.