How to Market Online in China Post COVID-19?

Ryan Molloy
Wednesday , 22nd Jul 2020

The webinar will discuss trends in China's digital landscape post-COVID-19, offering recommendations on how to market your brand digitally and covering topics such as the Chinese Consumer, Branding and Localization. Although the suggestions are applicable to brands from a wide range of industries, a special focus will be given to the Food and Cosmetics categories.


Part 1 The Digital Landscape 
Part 2 Chinese Consumers 
Part 3 Branding and Localization 
Part 4 Getting started on digital marketing 
Part 5 Case Studies

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  • Ryan Molloy has lived in China for over 17 years and has worked in the China marketing industry for nearly 10 of them. As CEO of RedFern Digital, he has worked with some of the biggest brands coming into market, covering branding, strategy, social media marketing and more.