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Hyperlocalized Marketing in China: Live Streaming E-Commerce, and KOLs

Jocelyn Sun
Friday , 15th May 2020

China's online live streaming industry has been growing steadily over the past five years. According to data, the user scale of China's online live streaming industry has grown to 504 million in 2019 and is expected to reach 526 million in 2020.

In 2019, "live streaming+" programs were successively launched on online platforms. "Live streaming + E-commerce" has proven to be a successful combination, with 40% of respondents in one survey reporting having watched this type of program. E-commerce head players like Taobao, live streaming companies such as Kuaishou, and other platforms have invested heavily in live streaming.

However, there is one group that makes all this possible, that is, KOLs. Over the past two years, a large number of KOLs have risen to prominence in China. They are active in different e-commerce platforms, with distinct personal characteristics and strong influence. Some popular KOLs like Viya and Austin (Li Jiaqi) have more than 10 million fans. This webinar will focus on explaining the close relationship between live streaming, e-commerce, and KOLs.

  • Background: An Overview of Chinese Live-streaming E-commerce

      1.1 Timeline and Development

      1.2 Market Size

  • Live Streaming E-commerce Platforms

      2.1 Who has joined the live streaming e-commerce business?

      2.2 Introduction of Head Players in China: Taobao, Douyin/Tiktok, Kuaishou

      2.3 Comparison: Target Audience, Consumption Data, etc.

  • The Influences of KOLs

      3.1 The Relationship between KOLs and Platforms

      3.2 Trump Cards of Different Platforms: Viya & Austin (Li Jiaqi), Luo Yonghao, Xin Ba

      3.3 Case Study: Apr. 1st 2020 Witnessed Three Crazy Money Makers

  • Suggestions for Overseas Merchants

      4.1 For New Entrants: High return accompanies high risk

      4.2 For Existing Companies: Keep pace with the new game rules

      4.3 Conclusion

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  • ChemLinked Brand Strategist
    Jocelyn Sun is a brand strategist providing market entry and localization consultancy services, from market entry (general trade and cross-border e-commerce), online store opening, distributor selection to long-term operation and management. Jocelyn graduated from the Queen Mary University of London with a master's degree in marketing. She used to be an FMCG regulatory and market research analyst, and this experience makes her establish systematic importation procedure knowledge. Jocelyn possesses extensive experience in attending industrial conferences (China Dairy Products Annual Conference, CIIE, etc.), and has been invited to speak in many influential forums (FHC, CBBC, etc.).