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Indian Cosmetic Regulatory Compliance and Import Requirements

Rucha Kelkar
Wednesday , 1st Jul 2020

The use of cosmetics is a deeply ingrained part of Indian heritage dating far back into the country's history. Extensive historical records detail and illustrate the use of naturally derived cosmetic ingredients in India, many of which are used in modern cosmetics as both active ingredients and coloring agents. The Indian cosmetics market has grown steadily since 1990 when it experienced its first spike in growth.

Like China, India has a large and growing middle-class demographic characterized by increased disposable income and economic empowerment. In tandem with this change in consumer demographics, India is currently being transformed by a digital revolution and growth in e-commerce. India is set to become one of the top 5 global cosmetic markets and is projected to hit a market valuation of $20 Billion by 2025. The beauty industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors in India, with a CAGR of approx. 17%.

Understanding the needs of Indian consumers and understanding regulations is crucial for international enterprises entering the market. In this webinar, Ms. Rucha Kelkar, Founder of Praha Regulatory Consultants, will firstly analyze the Indian cosmetic market, then specify the cosmetic regulatory framework and its competent authority and detail the regulatory requirements on imported products.


1. Overview of India Cosmetics Market

2. Regulatory Framework and Competent Authority

  • Existing main cosmetic regulations

  • Competent authorities

3. Manufacturing of Cosmetics in India

  • License to manufacture cosmetic for sale or distribution

  • Labelling requirements

  • Post market inspection of cosmetics and premises

  • Testing requirements by BIS, safety evaluation of cosmetics & efficacy claims

  • Ingredient requirements

4. Imported Cosmetics Regulatory Compliance

  • Notification/Import Licenses/Grant of Registration Certificate

  • How to export cosmetics to India

  • Non-compliance observed during the application review process

  • Suspension and cancellation of registration certificate

  • Ingredient regulations (Such as prohibited and permitted Ingredients, etc.)

  • Labeling

  • Advertisement regulations (permitted and prohibited expressions)

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  • Founder, Praha Regulatory Consultants
    Rucha has over six years of academic knowledge in cosmetic science and over eight years of work experience in India and the USA in Product Development (R&D), Quality and Regulatory Compliance, and Affairs of cosmetics and personal care. Her expertise in some mature and rapidly growing cosmetics markets like the USA, Canada, Australia, EU, India, New Zealand, Japan, and China has helped speed up the domestic and international growth cost-effectively and efficiently of the clients. Her regulatory compliance support to the cosmetic brands with a structured approach has helped her maintain a long-term relationship with her clients.