Indonesia Cosmetics Regulation

Ben Teoh
Thursday , 24th Sep 2015

In May 2013, BPOM announced additional measures for imported Drugs and Food into Indonesia, the impact of which extends to functional cosmetics. In addition to the two existing regulations governing cosmetics HK. and HK. issued in 2011.

In this webinar, the speaker will present a detailed overview of Indonesian cosmetic regulation. It is poised to offer you an understanding of the current regulatory framework and reveal the current regulatory reform shared by BPOM (FDA). This webinar will also assist foreign companies on Indonesian market accession. 


1. Regulations

  • Definition

  • Manufacturers categories

  • Certification

  • Criteria

  • Classifications

  • Ingredients

  • Distribution

  • Permits

  • Packaging

  • Labeling

3. Precondition prior to submitting product

  • Cosmetics product registrations

  • Process

4. Common problems with product registration

5. Product Registration Documents

6. Additional requirements

  • Shelf life

  • Traditional medicines, quasi drugs, cosmetics and health supplements

  • Durations


Chemlinked webinarBen Teoh

Seasoned professional with 18 years of regulatory compliances experiences leading cosmetics & toiletries industry. Ben Teoh mainly focus on areas of regulatory compliances with robust technical knowledge based on practical methodology in technical chemical analysis. He has worked with and offer consultation for many International corporations in US, Europe & Asia Pacific.