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Interpretation and compliance advices for transitional measures of STSC

  •   26 Jul 2016
  •    Angelita Hu
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    The Safety and Technical Standards for Cosmetics (STSC) was released last December and will come into force on 1st Dec 2016, setting new technical requirements and testing methods for domestic and imported cosmetics. Six months later CFDA released an announcement specifying the transitional measures for implementing STSC to ensure that all companies smoothly complete the transition. However some topics in the announcement such as testing reports, formula modification, testing of cadmium, etc. are not explained clearly, which makes many companies confused. After attending a CFDA internal training course, Angelita Hu intends to share the answers to those important questions during a webinar and give some advice to companies for coping better with the upcoming changes. In addition, she will also give a detailed introduction of the STSC 2015.
    1/ History of the Standard
    2/ Comparison between STSC and Standard 2007
    3/ Transitional measures
    4/ Explanation to some confused issues
    5/ Implications and advice


    sunscreensAngelita Hu

    As a regulatory analyst and managing editor Ms. Angelita Hu reports regulatory updates and shares her interpretation on regulations at ChemLinked. She works as editor/reporter for over 5 years and has extensive knowledge of cosmetic regulation in Asia Pacific regions.

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