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Keeping Up with the Global Cosmetic Ingredient Updates in 2022

Nikki Han, Xixi Li
Wednesday , 31st Aug 2022

Ingredient's quality directly affects cosmetics' quality. Being keenly aware of this fact, regulatory departments around the world have been placing ingredient safety at the core of cosmetics supervision. To ensure the marketed products are safe enough, they closely monitor the ingredient use in cosmetic industry, and provide regular updates to ingredient regulations.

So far this year, a great number of ingredient-related regulatory changes have taken place globally. China launched consultation on the draft Safety and Technical Standard for Cosmetics 2022, which adjusts the list of restricted ingredients used in cosmetics and standardizes the application scope of some ingredients. ASEAN held the 35th ASEAN Cosmetic Scientific Body (ACSB) meeting, during which it approved new amendments to cosmetic ingredients in the Annexes of the ASEAN Cosmetic Directive. China Taiwan, South Korea, EU have also introduced several regulatory changes.

To help cosmetic stakeholders stay vigilant to cope with these changes and further ensure the compliance of their products, ChemLinked organized this webinar to detail the cosmetic ingredient regulation updates across the globe in 2022.


1. Global Cosmetic Ingredient Regulation Updates

  1.1 Ingredient Updates in Asia

      - China

      - South Korea

      - Japan

      - ASEAN

  1.2 Ingredient Updates in Europe

      - EU

      - UK

  1.3 Others

2. Practical Compliance Tool for Cosmetic Ingredients

*The final outline may be subjected to subtle revision

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  • ChemLinked Client Specialist
    Nikki Han is an experienced client specialist in the ChemLinked team. With an in-depth understanding of the cosmetic industry trends, she is skilled at performing analysis of customer demand and market intelligence, and offering detailed and constructive regulatory advice. She has been establishing effective communication with global companies, professionals and government bodies, and has helped numerous customers successfully solve their regulatory-related inquiries.
  • Regulatory Affairs Consultant
    Xixi Li works as a regulatory consultant at the Cosmetics Compliance Team of Reach24H. She has offered professional consulting services to numerous cosmetic companies and cosmetic ingredient suppliers worldwide to help them achieve and maintain regulatory compliance in China, Europe, the US and some Asian countries.