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Prepare for Cosmetic Registration and Notification under China's New Regulations

Demi Ding
Tuesday , 13th Apr 2021

On Mar. 4, 2021, China released the finalized Provisions for Management of Cosmetic Registration and Notification Dossiers, which will come into effect on May 1. The Provisions detail the documentation requirements for cosmetic products registration and notification and confirm that animal testing for imported general cosmetics can be exempted under certain conditions. With the animal testing exemption and streamlined notification process, more overseas cosmetic enterprises, especially cruelty-free and clean beauty brands, will rush into the Chinese market. Some of them are already preparing related documents to enter the Chinese market early.

Are there any difficulties and noteworthy points in preparing cosmetics registration and notification documents? Compared with the previous regulation, what are the specific changes? How to exempt animal testing? During the webinar, Demi Ding from REACH24H will interpret the cosmetic registration and notification documentation requirements, highlight the changes and their impact, and finally give insightful regulatory compliance recommendations to enterprises.

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1. Background

  • Regulatory updates

  • Cosmetic definition

  • Cosmetic classification

  • Etc.

2. Interpreting the application procedures and dossiers for registration and notification

2.1 Application procedures at a glance

2.2 User account application

  • RP obligations

  • Documents required

  • Etc.

2.3 Testing and animal testing exemption

2.4 Dossiers preparation

  • Safety assessment

  • Product executive standard

  • Ingredient submission code

  • Label

  • Etc.

2.5 Annual reporting of general cosmetics

3. Transitional measures and the timeline

4. Suggestions

* The final outline may be subject to subtle revision.

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