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Retrospect of 2017 Crucial Cosmetic Regulation Changes in Asia Pacific

  •   15 Jan 2018
  •    Jo Zhou
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    In 2017, cosmetic regulations are continuingly amended and improved among Asia Pacific countries. For example: China started pudong filing management for imported non-special cosmetics, Korea expanded the scope of functional cosmetics and Australia reformed the whole chemical (cosmetics) regulatory scheme. These changes may affect stakeholders’ business decision or operation a lot.


    ChemLinked helped you recorded all these information as always, and this year we launch “the whole year retrospect webinar” series. In the webinar, the speaker from ChemLinked team will detail the major cosmetic regulatory changes in 2017 which may cause great impact on you and share expert view on how to deal with these amendments.


    ChemLinked also provides the conclusion of 2017 AP cosmetic regulatory updates in a documentary form, the annual report “Asia Pacific Cosmetic Regulatory Updates 2017” in which more collected data and specific ingredient limit amendment are recorded. During the webinar holding time, we offer an activity promotion of $ 149 to go with the package (including Webinar $99 + Annual Report $199).


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    Single Webinar: Retrospect of 2017 Crucial Cosmetic Regulation Changes in Asia Pacific


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    By 2018.1.31

    Package: Webinar + Annual Report



    * The webinar and annual report are all free for ChemLinked Cosmetic standard&corporate members. For the members, please directly contact us at contact@chemlinked.com for registration.

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    1. Overview

    1.1 Brief introduction of major regulatory changes in AP area 2017(Top ten list)

    2. Situations in the Chinese Mainland

    2.1 Pudong filing management for non-special use imported cosmetics

    2.2 CBEC policy development

    3. Situations in Taiwan of China

    3.1 Revised standard for examination and registration medicated cosmetics and colorants

    3.2 Revised requirements of TiO2

    3.3 New scope of cosmetic categories

    4. Situations in Japan

    4.1 Ingredient restriction changes

    5. Situations in Korea

    5.1 Expansion of functional cosmetic scope and its impact

    6. Situations in ASEAN

    6.1 Revision of cosmetic notification process in Malaysia

    7.  Situations in Australia

    7.1 Reform of the overarching regulation scheme NICNAS

    7.2 Prohibition of animal testing



    Josephine Zhou Cosmetic Regulatory Editor & Analyst From ChemlinkedASEAN trends

    Josephine's running Chemlinked cosmetic portal and always keep up with latest cosmetic regulation updates of Asia Pacific. She has a deep understanding of cosmetic ingredient requirements, registration/filing/notification procedures of China, Taiwan (district) and Korea.

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