Latest Updates of Asia-Pacific Cosmetic Regulations

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Joanna Ru
Thursday , 2nd Apr 2020

The webinar will introduce the latest major cosmetic regulatory updates in China Taiwan, South Korea, Japan and ASEAN, such as the regulatory reform in China Taiwan, the implementation of custom cosmetic requirements in South Korea, the JSQI updates in Japan, the cosmetic ingredients changes in ASEAN, and the halal cosmetic regulatory updates in Indonesia.


1. Taiwan

  • Modify Cosmetic Definition and Classification

  • Product Notification System and PIF System

  • Implement mandatory GMP for the production of cosmetics

  • Abolish pre-market approval of advertisement and registration of colorants

2. South Korea

  • Custom Cosmetics

  • Natural and Organic Cosmetics

  • Cosmetics Scope Expansion

  • Functional Cosmetics

  • Baby and Children Cosmetics

  • Packaging and Labeling Requirements

  • Ingredient Requirement Changes

3. Japan

  • Regulatory Updates Timeline

  • Cosmetic & Quasi Drug Ingredient Changes


  • Ingredient Regulatory Updates

  • Thailand Microbeads Ban

  • Indonesia Halal Certification

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  • Cosmetic Regulatory Consultant at REACH24H
    Joanna Ru, focusing on the research of Chinese cosmetic regulations, has assisted loads of clients to obtain pre-market approvals and complete import filing for their cosmetic products. She is also sophisticated in global cosmetic regulations, including ASEAN, Korea and Japan.