Singapore Cosmetic Product Regulations

Julia Ji
Wednesday , 6th May 2020

Singapore has implemented the ASEAN Cosmetic Directive (ACD) by way of the Health Products (Cosmetic Products - ASEAN Cosmetic Directive) Regulations 2007 and adopts the regulatory principles and requirements for cosmetic products.

ChemLinked invited Julia Ji who worked for Health Sciences Authority (HSA) Singapore to introduce the regulatory requirements for cosmetic products, and obligations for cosmetic companies before supplying the product in Singapore.


1. The Legislations & Regulatory Guidance Governing the Control of Cosmetic Products (CPs) in Singapore

2. How to Define a CP in Singapore?

3. Key Responsibilities of a Company/Person Responsible

  • Submit product notification

  • Ensure product safety

  • Keep records relating to the supply of CPs

  • Report product defects & adverse events (AE)

  • Submit safety & technical information when requested by HSA

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  • Director/Founder of MyAssociates
    Before setting up her own consulting firms, she worked for Health Sciences Authority (HSA) Singapore as Regulatory Consultant/Acting Deputy Director for Complementary Health Product Branch (CHPB). She has gained insights of government thinking for regulating health products and skills for managing regulatory professional teams, scientific and regulatory database, as well as skills for professional cooperation and communication with government agencies and industry leaders at international, regional and local levels.