Taiwan Cosmetics Regulation

Sandra Huang
Tuesday , 31st Mar 2015

Taiwan (China) cosmetics market is one of the most desirable markets in Asia for foreign companies. The average per person consumption of cosmetics in Taiwan is ranked 3rd in Asia, after Japan and South Korea. This presentation will look at both the cosmetics regulations and market in Taiwan and share with you tips to enter the market as a new comer.

  1. SCG briefing

  2. Cosmetic market in Taiwan

  3. Cosmetic regulation in Taiwan

  4. Voluntary cosmetic GMP

  5. Cosmetic quality and safety test

  6. The procedure of new comer


Chemlinked webinarSandra Huang

Sandra is a legally qualified Food Professional & legally qualified Patent Attorney in Taiwan, responsible for regulatory compliance services (Foods, Medical devices & Cosmetics for Taiwan, USA, EU) in SCG . She also joins the "Taiwan Health Industry Association" as the Executive Supervisor.