Taiwan Latest Cosmetic Regulation Changes

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Hedy He
Wednesday , 27th Jun 2018
REACH24H Consulting Group China

Taiwan (China) has long been working on amending its cosmetic laws. Previously "Taiwan Legislative Yuan" approved the amendments to "Statute for Control of Cosmetic Hygiene" and then TFDA released the new Act on its official website. The implementation date of this new Act shall be stipulated by "Taiwan Executive Yuan". Due to the large revision of the overarching regulation and the increase in penalties, businesses that fail to comply with the new regulations will be subject to weighty sanctions. It is advisable that businesses involved in Taiwan cosmetic products be ready and keep yourself updated on the implementation of the new Act.

In this webinar, the speaker from ChemLinked team will firstly introduce the revised cosmetic regulatory framework and its amendment timeline, then analyse the major cosmetic regulatory changes, compare them with the original regulations, detail the mandatory product notification and GMP factory inspection application process, finally conclude the overall trend and impact of regulation changes, list some problems came up by Taiwan cosmetic enterprises that may occur in the actual implementation of the new Act, and give Taiwan authorities' response to these problems.


1. Overview of Taiwan Cosmetic Regulations

  • Cosmetic definitions and classifications

  • Competent authority

  • Existing key cosmetic regulations

2. Timeline for Overarching Regulation Changes

3. Latest Regulation Changes

  • On cosmetic products

  • On obligations of enterprises

  • On obligations of government

  • Other changes

4. Overall Trend and Impact

  • Trend and impact

  • Problems and solutions



Hedy He  Cosmetic Regulatory Editor & Analyst from Chemlinked

Hedy He is the cosmetic regulatory editor and analyst from Chemlinked. Currently, she keeps tracking regulatory change news in Asia Pacific area and focuses on cosmetic ingredient requirements, registration/filing/notification procedures of China, Taiwan (district), Korea and Indonesia.

  • ChemLinked Regulatory Analyst
    Hedy is an experienced cosmetic regulatory analyst in the ChemLinked team. She focuses on tracking, analyzing and interpreting the latest cosmetic regulatory and market changes in China, Indonesia, Vietnam and the rest of the Asia Pacific area. With in-depth understanding of cosmetics regulations, she attended various industry conferences, presented several speeches and often been interviewed by well-known cosmetics industry media. Area of expertise: China cosmetic import compliance, pre-market approval procedures, animal testing, Indonesia cosmetics halal certification and Vietnam cosmetics compliance.