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Thailand Cosmetic Market: Beyond Regulatory – A Practical Guide to Sell Cosmetics in Thailand

Diego Sala
Wednesday , 27th Jul 2022
Siam Trade Development Co., Ltd.

Thailand is traditionally one of the main cosmetic markets in Asia, and its growth is estimated by 5.5% per annum until 2025. The faster-growing product segments are skincare (42%), hair products (15%), soaps and hygiene (14%), oral and dental care (12%), and makeup (12%).

Direct to Consumer channel is booming with double-digit percentages, and the trend is expected to continue due to the convenience of direct-to-consumer delivery, that in Thailand is extremely efficient and well-organized.

Beyond all the forecast, this scenario opens a great opportunity for foreign manufacturers, that can access the consumer market bypassing the traditional distributorship and getting a higher margin by using the innovative License-holding system.

In this webinar, Mr. Diego Sala, Founder and Managing Director of Siam Trade development will give you market information with an updated analysis, a summary regulatory landscape, and a lot of practical hints on how to access the market directly, with no local footprints. At the end of the event, your questions will be welcomed; you will have also the opportunity to deepen the argument by email in the following days.

*This webinar only has video recording and Q&A collections, no PPT slides. The Q&A collections will be uploaded soon.


1. The market: size, main players, consumers expectations, role of social media, trend for next years

2. Distribution Channels

  • Retail shops (B2B)

  • E-commerce (B2C)

  • Multi-leve and direct marketing (C2C)

3. Import, Storage and Fulfillment

  • What you need to know about custom clearance (license, documentation, labels, Duties and VAT)

  • Point of entry: Warehouse requirements

  • Delivery: fulfillment services and 3PL

4. License Holding: access the market without local footprints

  • Role of License Holder

  • Cost of license Holder

  • Who pays what?

5. Regulatory Summary

  • Manufacturer Requirements

  • Notification Process

  • Common obstacles: be ready to…

6. Conclusions

7. Question time

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  • Managing Director of Siam Trade Development
    Diego Sala oversees the activity of General Manager, and he’s direct responsible of new projects in start-up phase. He supervises the activity of Regulatory in his company, being the direct responsible of Dietary Supplement and Medical Devices. Diego is graduated at University of Genoa, Italy, and have 20 years experience in International Commerce worldwide. He emphasizes on the humanistic values at the center of every activity: people make the company, company makes the market.