The Importance of Your Online Strategy in the Wake of the Coronavirus

Lauren Lee
Friday , 28th Feb 2020

The outbreak of the Wuhan Coronavirus is causing significant issues in the retail sector, shaking consumer confidence not just in Asia, but around the globe. With many companies revising their expected revenues downwards for Q1 2020, now is a good time to revisit your online strategy and make tweaks where necessary to your platform and marketing to optimise them for online sales.

ChemLinked Invited Ms. Lauren Lee to share practical tips to boost online sales amid coronavirus outbreak, ranging from eCommerce platforms (i.e. Shopify, WooCommerce), SEO, social media, influencer and affiliate marketing strategies, as well as Google Adwords.


1 The Coronvirus Outbreak

  • Impact and effects on the global retail sector 

2 The Importance of eCommerce 

  • How to nail your eCommerce platform

  • Understanding the sales funnel 

  • Practical tips to improve the user experience on your site

3 SEO 

  • Optimising your content for search engines

  • Practical tips on how to do this  

4 Maximising Results on Social Media 

  • How to effectively use Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube

  • When to Post

  • The importance of reach and engagement 

  • How to keep your audience engaged and growing across social platforms 

5 Social Media Advertising

  • The basics of advertising on Instagram and Facebook

  • How to create content that leads to sales 

  • How to set campaign objectives 

  • Tracking your ROI 

6 Influencer Marketing

  • A guide to getting started with influencer marketing 

  • Tips for running a successful influencer campaign 

7 Affiliate Marketing

  • Affiliate program basics 

  • Benefits of an affiliate program

8 Google Adwords 

  • Tips for getting the best ROI with your Google Adwords account

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  • Founder and General Manager at STYLE STORY
    Lauren is the Founder of global Korean Beauty platform STYLE STORY, and is widely recognised as the leader behind the Korean skincare trend in Australia. An international lawyer with 12 years’ experience in the legal services sectors in Asia and Australia, she leverages her legal experience to assist retailers and manufacturers export and sell cosmetics in Australia. Having run a successful eCommerce website since 2014, Lauren is well-versed in online marketing strategies, SEO, content creation and more. Lauren consults with government and private sector organisations to provide guidance on compliance with the TGA and NICNAS schemes when exporting to Australia, regulations around cosmetic labeling, ingredients lists, import applications and the export process.