Understanding Functional Cosmetics Requirements in Korea

Tiger Kim
Wednesday , 11th May 2016
Cosmetic Consulting

In South Korea, cosmetics are divided into two categories: general cosmetics and functional cosmetics. Manufacturers and importers of functional cosmetics are required to undergo an evaluation on safety and efficacy of cosmetics and submit information necessary for such evaluation to MFDS.

During this webinar, Mr. Tiger Kim will introduce the requirements for functional cosmetics in details including approved ingredients, procedures of applying for evaluation, required documents, labeling, etc., interpret latest regulatory changes in Korea and predict the upcoming changes.


1. Functional Cosmetics in Korea

- Understanding of functional cosmetics
- Approved ingredients as functional product
- The obligation for manufacturer of functional cosmetics
- The procedure of applying for evaluation of functional cosmetics
- Required documents for evaluation
- Functional testing
- Functional Labelling, Claim, Packaging

2. Latest regulation updates & upcoming changes


Tiger Kim  President & CEO of Cosmetic Consulting

Mr. Tiger Kim has extensive knowledge and over 26 years of experience in cosmetics industry. He worked for the Korea FDA and later on worked  for Estee Lauder Korea in charge of cosmetics registration. Mr. Kim is currently the President of Cosmetic Consulting.