Understanding Halal Certification in Indonesia

Nurmia Agustina
Wednesday , 19th Oct 2016
PT. Cekindo Bisnis Grup

Exporting cosmetics to Malaysia, Indonesia or other predominately muslim countries is increasingly difficult. Halal certification is needed to export cosmetics in muslim countries. The trouble for industry is that Halal certificate is actually not an official document but a certificate delivred by an Imam.

The webinar will give a comprehensive introduction of Halal industry in Indonesia and Halal certification, including why you need Halal certificate when you are doing business in Indonesia? What is the definition of Halal? how to get Halal certificate in Indonesia? etc.


1. Understanding Halal

2. The Overview of Halal Industry in Indonesia

3. Halal Products in Indonesian Cosmetic Industry

4. Halal Certification Standard

5. Company Profile


sunscreensNurmia Agustina

Nurmia Agustina is currently Principal Consultant at PT Cekindo Bisnis Grup. She has wide experience in the cosmetic regulatory affairs and has been involved in various multinational companies, mostly assisting foreign companies in their expansion to Indonesia.