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Understanding Requirements for Labeling and Claims of Imported Cosmetics in China

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Lucien Liu
Wednesday , 25th Apr 2018
REACH24H Consulting Group China

Cosmetics labeling and claim are subject to review by CFDA expert panel during registration and also checked by CIQs when products arrive at port. Many exporters lack adequate knowledge about correct Chinese compliant labeling and claims for their cosmetics, demonstrated by high volume of cosmetic products destroyed or rejected at port by CIQs due to substandard labels. During the webinar, Mr. Lucien Liu from REACH24H will detail requirements for labeling and claims of imported cosmetics in China covering original packaging and tailored Chinese label, etc.


1. Background on regulatory compliance requirements of cosmetic products in China

  • Background on market

  • Reason of necessity of paying attention to Cosmetic Labeling and Claim

  • Background on claim regulations

2. Requirements on original packaging

3. Requirements on Chinese label

  • Labeling options

  • Requirements on Chinese label

  • Requirements on Chinese product name

4. Changes and trends

  • Regulatory changes

  • Importing changes

  • Trends

  • Impacts


Understanding Requirements for Labeling and Claims of Imported Cosmetics in ChinaLucien Liu  Cosmetic Regulatory Consultant

Mr. Lucien Liu is the dedicated regulatory consultant from REACH24H Consulting Group, and has developed more than thousands of connections in cosmetics industry. He aims to help clients creatively and efficiently launch products in mainland China. Currently, he focuses on regulatory compliance of imported cosmetics.


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