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[Updated] China Expands Recognized Ingredient Safety Data for Safety Assessment Report

China released the Guidelines for Use of Cosmetic Ingredient Data​, which expands the range of recognized ingredient data in the full version of the safety assessment report. The Guidelines also details the adoption requirements for ingredient data and the corresponding documents needed.

Editor’s Note:

This article was originally published on April 9, 2024, and was updated on May 6, 2024, as per the latest developments. The updated contents are marked in red below.

On April 3, 2024, China's National Institutes for Food and Drug Control (NIFDC) released the draft Guidelines for Use of Cosmetic Ingredient Data, broadening the range of recognized ingredient data for the full version of the safety assessment report. 1 On April 30, 2024, NIFDC released the finalized version of the Guidelines. 2

Main Contents

The Guidelines is divided into three parts:

Part 1 Main Ingredient Data Types: It clarifies the data types that can be used to prove ingredient safety in the cosmetic safety assessment report.

Part 2 Data Usage and Supporting Documents: It outlines the fundamental principles and requirements for using ingredient data, as well as the supporting documents that registrants and notifiers need to provide during the safety assessment.

Part 3 Others: It specifies the data types that are not applicable when assessing the safety of freckle-removing and whitening agents, as well as anti-hair loss agents, anti-acne agents, anti-wrinkle agents (with the exception of physical anti-wrinkle agents), anti-dandruff agents, deodorants, and ingredients with high biological activity.

Key Highlights

Key highlights of the Guidelines are as follows.

1. Expanding the range of recognized ingredient data in the safety assessment report

The scope of recognized ingredient data for cosmetic safety assessment is broadened to include seven categories. The newly recognized ingredient data is highlighted in yellow.

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