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China NMPA Launches Online Cosmetics Risk Inspection and Rectification Campaign

  •   8 May 2019
  •    Winnie Xu
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    On May 1st NMPA began a nationwide campaign focused on rectifying issues associated with substandard products, illegal cosmetic claims, online sellers using false qualification information and e-commerce platform operators.

    In a bid to severely crack down on illegal production activities and sale of substandard cosmetics online, China National Medical Products Administration (NMPA) issued a notice [1] on April 30th of their intention to carry out a nationwide risk inspection and rectification campaign, beginning on 1st of May, 2019 , targeting the safety risks associated with cosmetic sold online.

    Rectification Focuses

    The campaign will be executed centering on the following 3 key tasks:

    1. Inspect and remove illegal products, focusing primarily on 5 types of cosmetics sold by cosmetic online sellers and cosmetic e-commerce platforms, namely cosmetics with illegal addition of prohibited substances, counterfeit cosmetics, unlicensed cosmetics, cosmetics unqualified in random inspections and cosmetics bearing illegal labeling/advertising claims.

    Cosmetics with illegal addition of prohibited substances-
    Counterfeit cosmetics-
    Unlicensed cosmetics
    • Cosmetics manufactured without licenses
    • Special use cosmetics without approval numbers
    • Unfiled non-special use cosmetics
    Cosmetics unqualified in random inspections
    • Cosmetics that fail to meet the national cosmetic hygiene standards, as announced by NMPA or the provincial MPAs;
    • Cosmetics that have been suspended or prohibited from being sold as notified by NMPA or the provincial MPAs
    Cosmetics bearing illegal labeling/advertising claimsCosmetics that illegally claim “Cosmeceuticals”, “EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor)”, “Stem Cells”, etc.

    2. Inspect and remove products using illegal product information, focusing primarily on illegal efficacy claims such as “cosmeceuticals”, “EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor)”, “stem cells”, “cell extracts” and “placenta extracts” of cosmetics displayed by cosmetic online sellers and cosmetics e-commerce platforms.

    Additionally, it is also required to inspect and clear up information pertaining to the sale of non-cosmetic products (such as disinfection product, health food) posing as cosmetics, to clear up cosmetic information indicating or suggesting medical efficacy as well as cosmetics using misleading company name or trademarks to promote the product.

    3. Inspect and remove products/manufacturers using false qualification information, especially false information provided by cosmetics online sellers and cosmetics e-commerce platforms. The campaign will also focus on prompting stakeholders to routinely check the data query page of NMPA’s official website and rectify any false or invalid enterprise and product qualification information.

    Rectification Measures

    Furthermore, the specific measures for rectification have also been specified in the Notice. Medical Products Administrations at all levels shall organize the self-inspection work of cosmetics online sellers and cosmetics e-commerce platforms operators, guide the sector to strengthen self-discipline and law-abiding operations, and promote public awareness on the issue of potentially unsafe cosmetics.

    • For cosmetics e-commerce platform operators, the real-name registration, illegal activities discovery, reporting and services suspension systems are required to be established and implemented.
    In May 2019, the main cosmetics e-commerce platforms operators are required to add disclaimers using terminology synonymous to: “The National Medical Products Administration reminds you: please carefully assess cosmetic product efficacy information. Cosmetics can’t replace pharmaceuticals and can’t treat dermatological diseases and etc.
    (Screenshot of a hair dye product on Tmall)
    • For cosmetics online sellers, the cosmetics purchase inspection and record systems are required to be established and implemented.

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