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Cosmetics in CIIE 2019: Three Trends Driving Growth and Product Development

  •   14 Nov 2019
  •    Ye Chen
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    From 5th Nov to 10th Nov, the China International Import Expo was held in Shanghai. Thousands of companies from around the world participated in this big event. In the Quality Life area, many cosmetic companies, including multinational companies and niche brands, displayed their new products and star products. We were able to see three major trends: clean label (simple, natural and organic), prioritization of active ingredients and personalized cosmetics.  

    Clean Label Cosmetics
    Naturalness was no doubt one of the hottest themes in the Quality Life area of the CIIE hall, as evidenced by the dazzling array of natural products accompanied by all manner of fruits and green plants.
    RAFRA, a Japanese brand focusing on active ingredients derived from oranges, which was recently acquired by Unilever, showcased its product range during CIIE for the first time. This brand has a 20-year history in Japan and champions the “less, is more” principle in skincare. Its star product is Balm Orange Extra Cleansing, which won first place in the makeup remover category in Japan’s Cosmetic awards.


    Atelier Cologne is a perfume brand from L’oreal. An employee from the team told ChemLinked that most of the ingredients used in this brand are extracted from plants, mostly oranges and they avoid using synthetic chemicals.

    Atelier Cologne in CIIE
    German niche brand, Weleda, also made its debut during CIIE 2019. This brand focuses on natural and organic mother & baby care products. Several of its products, such as children’s toothpaste, babies’ cream and pregnant women massage oil, are now available through Sunning Global (Another CBEC platform in China).

    Weleda in CIIE

    Officina Del Mugello, an Italian natural brand entered the Chinese market during CIIE 2018. This year, they brought more products and emphasized the naturalness of their products by showing all the certificates they have obtained on their leaflets. Judging by the numbers of visitors checking out their booth they were successful once again in CIIE 2019.

    Officina Del Mugello in CIIE
    All certificates shown on Officina Del Mugello’s leaflet
    Ingredient focus
    Some brands preferred to focus on highlighting the content of specific active ingredients in their products. Bodyguardpharm, a German brand, rented a big booth in CIIE and promoted it star product- Hyaluron Ampullen.

    Bodyguardpharm in CIIE

    Tunemakers, a Japanese brand also acquired by Unilever, sells ingredient solutions, such as licorice extract, ceramide stock solution and fullerene stock solution.

    Tunemakers in CIIE

    Other special ingredients have also been used in cosmetics, such as cannabidiol (CBD) and probiotics.

    Cosmetics containing CBD & Cosmetics containing probiotics

    Personalized Cosmetics
    Customization is another big trend in the cosmetic market and tends to be associated with new technologies. AmorePacific company brought a 3D printing machine from its IOPE Lab to the CIIE. This machine can help consumers customize facial masks. To get a custom-made mask, visitors will be invited to scan their faces using a dedicated smartphone app. By collecting data and measurements about the customer's face, the application can generate a facial mask that perfectly fits the user's face. The mask product consists of two parts, a custom mask "Tailored Mask" and a "Tailored Serum" designed using active ingredients to match the user’s profile. The serum uses a range of different ingredients including cypress extract, sugar maple extract, and fructan.

    P&G brought an “AI No-makeup Device”. It can scan the skin, skin color, freckles and other characteristics of a person's face, import the data into the program for analysis, and produce a bottle of personalized beauty liquid foundation. The product is then sprayed on the face of the user hiding flaws and spots in just a few seconds.

    AI No-makeup Device in CIIE

    Amy Chen, the CMO of Leisure Foods from Pepsi (Greater China) gave a speech in the “New Consumption” forum in CIIE, during which she underscored the importance of brands not just being required to produce high-quality products but also being required to tailor products to fit the diversified demands of all consumers and match their lifestyles. The sentiment only further highlights the growing importance of product customization in the market today.

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