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Korea to Add Claim Requirement for Acne, Allergy, Rhagadia, Calvities Relieving Functional Cosmetics

  •   12 May 2017
  •    Jo Zhou
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    To guarantee product safety, Korea will add claims requirement for several functional cosmetics. Public consultation for this policy lasts until Jun 13th 2017.

    For functional cosmetics for 1) acne, 2) allergy, 3) rhagadia, 4) calvities, claims on product package should add the content: "this product is not a drug to prevent or cure disease."

    Annex: original claim norms for these products.

    1. Help relieve calvities phenomena (except for products that physically make hair look thicker)
    1. Help relieve acne (limited to body cleansing products)
    1. Help relieve dryness for hypersensitive skin
    1. Help relieve red lines caused by rhagadia


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