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Zhejiang to Improve Filing Management Trial for First Imported Non-Special Use Cosmetics

  •   8 Jun 2018
  •    Hedy He
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    On Jun 5, 2018, Zhejiang FDA held a symposium on filing management trial for first imported non-special use cosmetics, discussing the filing procedures and post-market surveillance of e-commerce cosmetics.

    The main contents of the symposium are as follows:

    1. To account for cross-regional operating characteristics and traceability of e-commerce cosmetics, it is proposed that filing requirements for operation and warehousing be adjusted;
    2. It is proposed that products from enterprises registered in Zhejiang FTZ, or imported and stored in Zhejiang FTZ, can be filed with Zhejiang FDA;
    3. Zhoushan Municipal Bureau will introduce preferential measures on taxation and shipping for first imported non-special use cosmetics;
    4. A filing green channel will be established for first imported non-special use cosmetics, shortening the inspection period to 35 days.

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