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Asia Pacific Cosmetic Regulatory Updates 2018

Asia Pacific Cosmetic Regulatory Updates 2018

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  • Author:ChemLinked
  • Pages:50
    Format:Electronic Edition (Adobe PDF)
  • Publish Date:Jan 09, 2019
    Last Updated On:Jan 09, 2019

This annual report encompasses main cosmetic regulatory updates around Asia Pacific countries in 2018, including topics such as cosmetic overarching regulation changes in Chinese Mainland, China Taiwan and Korea, China new filing policies, China CBEC policies, ingredients requirements changes in China Taiwan, Korea, ASEAN, etc. This report aims to give you a systematic and in-depth analysis on those important updates.


Chapter 1:  2018 China Regulatory Updates
1. China Institutional Reform
2. E-commerce Law and CBEC New Regulatory Scheme
3. Filing Management of Imported Non-special Use Cosmetics Expands Nationwide
4. Amendments to Hygiene Supervision of Cosmetics Regulation 1989 and Safety and Technical Standards for Cosmetics
5. Development of Evaluation Standards for Cosmetic Efficacy Claims
6. ChemLinked Summary of Regulatory Changes Affecting Chinese Mainland Cosmetic Sector in 2018
7. Taiwan Amendments to Statute for Control of Cosmetic Hygiene

Chapter 2:  2018 Korea Regulatory Updates
1. Amendments to Cosmetics Act and its Enforcement Rules
2. Korea: Cosmetic Ingredient Changes

Chapter 3:  2018 Japan Regulatory Updates
1. Amendments to Cosmetic Ingredients Standards
2. Two Instructions on Medicated Soap Market Access Requirements

Chapter 4:  2018 ASEAN Regulatory Updates
1. Two Major Updates to the ASEAN Cosmetic Directive Ingredients Annexes
2. Malaysia Amendments to the Ingredients Annexes of Guidelines for Control of Cosmetic Products

Chapter 5:  2018 Australia Regulatory Updates
1. Delayed Implementation of Regulatory Reform and Animal Testing Ban
2. Other significant regulatory changes of 2018

Chapter 6:  2018 India Regulatory Updates
Proposed Amendments to the Existing Cosmetic Regulatory Scheme

Annex 1 Asia-Pacific: Cosmetic Policies/Regulations to be Effective in the Future

Annex 2 China: National Standards Effective in 2018

Annex 3 China: National/Industry/Group Standards Released in 2018

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