ChemLinked Cosmetic Focus Jan.-Aug. 2018

ChemLinked Cosmetic Focus Jan.-Aug. 2018

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Basic Information
  • Author:ChemLinked
  • Pages:23
    Format:Electronic Edition (Adobe PDF)
  • Publish Date:Sep 11, 2018
    Last Updated On:Sep 11, 2018

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As the first cosmetic focus of ChemLinked, this focus classifies and integrates the hot news, insights and reports from January to August in 2018, clearly sorts out the timeline of regulatory changes and administrative developments in Asia-Pacific region and analyzes them in conjunction with the latest trends to enable readers to understand the regulatory changes systematically and logically.


Chapter I Cosmetic Regulation

A Summary of Cosmetic Overarching Regulation Changes

An Overview of Drafts/Regulations Released

Chapter II Cosmetic Administration Developments in Asia-Pacific Region

Development of China Institutional Reform

The Entry-Exit Policy Shift of Asia-Pacific Region

Filing Management for First-imported Non-special Use Cosmetics

Expert Articles

Halal Cosmetics Market Rapid Growth Requires Further Regulatory Development

Current Trends in China's Male Cosmetics Market

English Translations

GB/T 8372-2017 Toothpaste

Guidance of Filing Management for First Import Non-special Use Cosmetics Through Shanghai Pudong

Administrative Provisions on Cosmetic Labeling

Steps to Exporting Cosmetic Products to China

Regulatory Database

China (Mainland): Regulation concerning Supervision and Administration over Cosmetics (Draft for Second Public Consultation)

China (Mainland): Testing Method of Sunscreens in Cosmetics

China (Mainland): China Customs Declaration Filling Guidelines

Taiwan: Administrative Measures for Cosmetics Border Inspection

Taiwan: Administrative Measures for Cosmetics Recall

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