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Guidelines for Exporting Cosmetics to Vietnam

Guidelines for Exporting Cosmetics to Vietnam

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Basic Information
  • Author:Angelita Hu
  • Pages:17
    Format:Electronic Edition (Adobe PDF)
  • Publish Date:Dec 06, 2019
    Last Updated On:Dec 06, 2019

Although the market scale is relatively small compared with certain Asian countries of substantial potential such as China and Thailand, the market has been experiencing impressive average annual growth at a rate of 15.57% while the corresponding percentage in China and Thailand is 11.3% and 8% according to Euromonitor.

The guideline explains why the Vietnam cosmetic market is promising, proposes the opportunities for cosmetic companies and describes the steps to export cosmetics to Vietnam.


Chapter 1 Why is the Vietnam cosmetic market promising?

  1. Impressive Growth

  2. Large Youth Population

  3. Dominant Role of Imported Cosmetics

  4. Modest Per-capita Consumption of Cosmetics

Chapter 2 What are the opportunities?

  1. Facial cleansers, Sunscreens and Lip Stickers

  2. Natural Cosmetics

  3. Cosmetics for Different Climates

  4. Middle-class  

  5. E-commerce

Chapter 3 How to export cosmetics to Vietnam?

  1. Ensure the compliance of cosmetics

  2. Notify authorities of cosmetics to be imported

  3. Exporting cosmetics to Vietnam