Steps to Exporting Cosmetic Products to China

Steps to Exporting Cosmetic Products to China

Basic Information
  • Author:Mr. Tommy Kong (REACH24H)
  • Pages:7
    Format:Electronic Edition (Adobe PDF)
  • Publish Date:Dec 05, 2014
    Last Updated On:Dec 05, 2014

Before exporting cosmetic products into China, overseas manufacturers need pre-market registration of their products with CFDA. Apart from the crucial step of safety evaluation, close attention should also be paid to the labeling, packaging, naming and functional claims of products to assure victor in both registration and pass of the import inspection and quarantine carried out by CIQs. This Guidance aims to inform you of steps and key points to your successful exportation of cosmetics to China.

  1. Determine if your products is defined as a cosmetic in China

  2. Check whether ingredients are allowed or banned

  3. Prepare the pre-market application dossier

  4. Appoint a responsible agent

  5. Label your product according to China rules

  6. Check your product claim

  7. Submit the application dossier for review

  8. Pre-market approval

  9. CIQ inspection

  10. In-market surveillance