AP Cosmetic Regulation Guidance: Thailand's Cosmetic Act

Neeranard Jinachai
Wednesday , 14th Oct 2015

“The Cosmetic Act” has been in force since early 1990s which is the paramount regime to govern cosmetic manufacture and import within Thai territory. Its implication with business has been deepening over the years as the cosmetic industry continues to grow and expand in Thailand. The market development also prompts a call not only from the industry but also scientific community for a renewed mechanism to accommodate fluidity in booming cross-border trade. This webinar will mainly discuss the newly revised "Cosmetic Act BE 2558(2015)", illustrating a number of key concepts and obligations while contemplating certain practical cases based on the presenter's working experiences as regulatory expert.


Presentation Outline

Part I. Introduction of the Cosmetic Act B.E. 2558

      >history of development

      >legislative background

      >competent authority

      >obligations and liability


      >penalty and commercial implication

Part II. Comparison between the Cosmetic Act and the ASEAN cosmetic regulatory framework

Part III. Case Study: complying with Thai cosmetic regulation in a cost-effective way


Neeranard Jinachai

Regulatory Affair Director in L'Oreal Thailand

Miss Jinachai has over 18 years’ working experiences in solving global regulatory affairs. Her expertise spans regulatory compliance of cosmetics, consumer healthcare, pharmaceuticals and medical devices and have solid technical capability to cope with complex regulatory barriers. She has once achieved "Award 2005 for Regulatory Achievement" by Wyeth and owns certification of recognition from authoritative institutes. Her continuous study and research on regulatory affairs in Asia-Pacific region had been best demonstrated in a variety of important projects she had been involved in over these years.