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Decoding Taiwan Newly Implemented Overarching Regulation -- Cosmetic Hygiene and Safety Act

  •   9 Jul 2019
  •    Ye Chen
  •  1986
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    After 17 years of long waiting, Taiwan new overarching cosmetic regulation, Cosmetic Hygiene and Safety Act was finally implemented on July 1, 2019. Several relevant supplementary regulations also came into force together. The newly implemented overarching cosmetic regulation will significantly affected enterprises looking enter Taiwan cosmetic market. To assist enterprises to understand the new regulatory framework and the influence to regulatory work, ChemLinked will host a webinar on July 18.

    In this webinar, Ms. Hedy He, the cosmetic editor from ChemLinked, will specify the key amendments and implementation details of Cosmetic Hygiene and Safety Act, including cosmetic new definition, procedures and FAQs of cosmetics notification, criteria for false, exaggerated and medical efficacy claims, changes to cosmetic prohibited and restricted ingredients, etc.


    1. Taiwan Regulatory Framework for Cosmetics

    2. Analysis on Taiwan Cosmetic Hygiene and Safety Act
    2.1 Regulation changes timeline

    2.2 Key amendments and implementation rules
    2.2.1 Cosmetics definition
    2.2.2 Cosmetics notification (Procedures, validity period, FAQs, fees)
    2.2.3 Specific purpose cosmetics registration
    2.2.4 Product information file system
    2.2.5 Good Manufacturing Practice
    2.2.6 Criteria for false, exaggerated and medical efficacy claims
    2.2.7 Enterprises’ obligations

    2.3 Trend and impact

    3. Other Regulation Changes
    3.1 Ingredient standards
    3.2 Other changes

    *To have a better chance of your questions being addressed during the webinar, you’re welcome to email us the questions before the webinar.



    Hedy He  Cosmetic Regulatory Editor & Analyst from ChemLinked
    Hedy He is the cosmetic regulatory editor and analyst from ChemLinked. Currently, she keeps tracking regulatory change news in Asia Pacific area and focuses on cosmetic ingredient requirements, registration/filing/notification procedures of China, South Korea and Indonesia.


    Who Shall Attend

    • Oversea cosmetic manufacturers, exporters and distributors targeting Taiwan cosmetics market.
    • Any cosmetic companies concerned with Taiwan cosmetics regulatory requirements and changes.
    • Those who want to know the detailed amendments of Taiwan Cosmetic Hygiene and Safety Act, cosmetics pre-market requirements, labeling and claim requirements, etc.

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    Contact Information

    If you have any question about this webinar, please contact us:
    Tel: +86 (0)571 8609 4444
    Email: contact@chemlinked.com

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