Comparison between EU and Taiwan Cosmetic Regulatory Framework

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Inna Fu
Wednesday , 28th Aug 2019
REACH24H Consulting Group China

China (Taiwan) implemented overarching Cosmetic regulation “Cosmetic Hygiene and Safety Act” on July 1 2019, making considerable progress in aligning its cosmetic regulatory framework with international standards, especially EU. The new regulatory framework requires companies notifying TFDA and completing PIF prior to marketing general cosmetics and strengthens the post-market surveillance and enterprises responsibilities, which is quite similar with EU.

During the webinar, Inna Fu from Reach24h Consulting Group will detail what the similarities and differences are and what measures international companies should take to comply with the new Taiwan regulation.


1. Brief overview of Taiwan Regulation

2. Basic regulatory information comparison
  • Coping measures for international companies

  • Enterprise responsibility

  • Adverse reaction monitoring

3. Post-market surveillance comparison
  • Notification - Who? When? Where? What?

  • PIF

  • Ingredients positive & negative list

  • Labelling & claim

  • Safety assessment

  • GMP

  • Animal testing

4. Pre-market requirements comparison
  • Definition

  • Classification

  • Responsible person

5. Coping measures for international companies

*We encourage webinar attendees to raise questions ahead of the webinar. All questions will be addressed during the webinar or after.


Inna Fu  
Cosmetic Safety Assessor of REACH24H Consulting Group

Inna focuses on safety assessment on finished cosmetic products and toxicological assessment on new cosmetic ingredients. She has gained extensive experience in cosmetic regulations of China and EU and trained a number of cosmetic companies online and offline about cosmetic regulations and safety assessment.

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