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How Brands Promote Cosmetic Efficacy to Consumers in China, South Korea and Japan?

Fei Xu, Florence Bernardin
Wednesday , 28th Sep 2022
Asia Cosme Lab

Cosmetics consumers eagerly expect visible proof of product efficacy which will help them understand product benefits. According to different sources, more than 90% of Japanese women expect to get information on skincare product efficacy, while function & ingredient is the No. 1 factor that 54% of Chinese consumers consider when choosing a skincare product.

Competition is intense and challenging, and companies are highlighting many new creative ways and specific directions/images to promote their products: from scientist demonstrations, and open sources to press releases, ingredient storytelling or emotional activation, without mentioning the texture illustration.

Asia Cosme Lab, the French consulting agency dedicated to the Asian cosmetics market for more than 20 years, will highlight in a comprehensive way how key Asian brands and new players are communicating to the consumers their reasons for believe from scientific drivers to emotional efficacy insights. The webinar will screen via social networks, brand websites, influencers’ voices, retail animation & collaboration a selection of different levels of communication related to efficacy versus consumer needs & expectations.


  • The English session will be presented by Ms. Florence on Sep. 28. Same content in Chinese will be delivered by Mr. Fei on Sep. 29 to facilitate the attendance of audiences from different language backgrounds. Click here to view the Chinese version of the webinar introduction;

  • To have a better chance of your questions being addressed, you’re welcome to email us the questions before the webinar;

  • If you can't attend the live webinar, register anyway and we will send you the webinar materials as soon as they’re available.

Who Should Attend

  • Cosmetic companies whose target market is China, South Korea, Japan or other Asian countries;

  • Companies who are interested in cosmetic product promotion;

  • Cosmetic companies who want to increase competitiveness level and win Asian consumers;

  • ...

Further Reading


1 Introduction

  • The importance of communication on efficacy and proof for Asian customers

2 Inspiring Ways to Highlight Ingredients & Create Attractiveness

  • Emotional X science

  • Storytelling power

  • Process, extraction, etc.

3 Inspiring Ways to Demonstrate Formula Efficacy

  • Penetration

  • Evolution and skin index

  • Cultural visual sense of proof

  • Brand scientific backgrounds

4 Inspiring Ways to Promote Texture & Benefits

  • Polysensorial

  • Magical

  • Concentrated

5 Conclusion

  • The different/new media & power of KOLs

*The final outline may be subjected to subtle revision.

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  • Market Intelligence Director of Asia Cosme Lab
    Trend expert on Chinese cosmetics market with over 13 years of experience. As market intelligence director in Asia Cosme Lab since 2009, Fei Xu has been following the evolution of Asian cosmetics markets in all theirs aspects from consumers to products, with always updated vision on Asian beauty trends, especially on Chinese market. Totally trilingual in Chinese, French and English, Fei Xu has been invited as keynote speaker by many beauty summits such as China Beauty Expo, In-Cosmetics Asia, PCHi China, International Cosmetics Innovation Conference 2022, etc.
  • Founder of Asia Cosme Lab
    Company founder Florence Bernardin is totally trilingual, fluent in English, French and Japanese (kawaii philosophy included). Fifteen years at Japanese cosmetics giant, Kao Corporation, fed a lifelong fascination for Japan and Asia in general. An insatiable curiosity – and 12 to 14 trips to the region each year – gives Florence the edge and the ability to source and assess products like no one else. This translates to a truly original and operational take on the cosmetics world. Florence is recognized as the Asian beauty expert within the industry.