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Overview and Comparison of EU and US Cosmetic Regulations

Marc-André Vernhet, Morgane Mondon
Monday , 19th Dec 2022

When it comes to cosmetic product regulation, the European Union and the United States of America have very different standards. Yet, these two markets are very attractive and represent nearly 50% of the value of the global cosmetics industry.

To help companies interested in going to Europe or looking to expand to the US understand EU and US cosmetic regulatory framework, EcoMundo, a company with over 15 years of experience in navigating through regulations in the US and EU, has teamed up with ChemLinked to host this webinar.

During the webinar, regulatory experts from EcoMundo will describe the regulations in place in these two different regulatory areas and will identify the similarities and differences between the two. They will also provide precious information and tips to help companies reach regulatory compliance in the targeted destinations.


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  • Cosmetic Regulatory Affairs Manager
    After a Master's degree in Health Law, Marc-André worked for over 19 years in Regulatory Affairs for major international companies. He joined Ecomundo in 2021 as Regulatory Affairs Manager for cosmetics to bring his expertise to the regulatory team - in France, Canada and Korea - and to help ensure customers' satisfaction.
  • Regulatory Affairs Manager USA & Canada
    Morgane holds a Master's degree from Polytech Nice Sophia engineering school and joined EcoMundo in Paris to bring her expertise in regulatory projects in 2019. Later this year, she joined the Canadian subsidiary in Montréal and she is now leading the team of regulatory experts in North America (USA & Canada) to guide clients in their quest for global compliance.