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South Korea’s Natural/Organic Certification Regulation & COSMOS Certification Service

Hyojin Jung, Lorraine Li, Mike Sohn
Wednesday , 7th Jul 2021

Natural/organic cosmetic has become a global trend recently, which leads to a boosting market volume. Consumers' increasing awareness of product safety and environmental protection also accelerates the development of eco-friendly cosmetic products. As a result, the natural and organic cosmetic market is predicted to reach the highest growth in sales, with an average annual growth rate of 7.8% in the following five years. However, to gain market share, product compliance is essential. Therefore, ChemLinked presents this webinar to help enterprises understand the COSMOS standard and Korea's natural/organic registration requirement.

COSMOS is an international standard for organic and natural cosmetics. It was co-founded by Germany, Belgium, France, Italy, and the United Kingdom to unify European standards for cosmetics certification. COSMOS is deemed the most reliable international organic and natural cosmetic standard.

Apart from COSMOS, South Korea has its own natural and organic cosmetics certification mechanism. MFDS introduced the requirements of natural and organic cosmetics in 2018 to regulate the industry and provide consumers with safe products. Nowadays, the Korean natural/organic cosmetic mark is acknowledged by more Korean consumers.


Part 1  Eco-friendly Beauty trend in Korea

Part 2  What is COSMOS Certification?

-Standard of Certification

-Certification Procedure

Part 3  Korea’s new natural/organic certification service

-Standard of Certification

-Certification Procedure

-Key points & strategy

Part 4  REACH24H Korea services

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  • Senior Researcher
    Hyojin Jung is a senior researcher at REACH24H KOREA. She has worked as a QM for cosmetics brand BUGUN COSMETIC and manufacturer WOOIL C&TECH, and as a project manager for EU and USA cosmetics regulations consulting company ECOMUNDO, where she has built expertise in cosmetics RA. She also has extensive knowledge of RA in various industries, with experiences of working in HANMI pharmaceutical and NIBEC medical devices companies.
  • ChemLinked Senior Regulatory Analyst
    Lorraine T.S. Li is a specialist in the research and analysis of the regulatory compliance of Korean Food, Cosmetics, and Chemical industry. She mainly provides expert articles on Korean chemical, food, cosmetics, and environment policies to help clients transcend the regulatory barriers. Follow me for more Korea compliances info. Contact me at:
  • General Manager at REACH24H KOREA
    Mike is a South Korea market access expert with comprehensive knowledge of South Korea trade policy, laws and regulations in Cosmetic/ Chemical/ Food sectors. He had been a researcher in Korea Cosmetic Industry Institute (KCII), an overseas marketer in Won Tech, an RA at Daewoong Pharmaceuticals and worked at Histogenetics. He has been invited as the key speaker for more than 50 times all over the globe. He is acknowledged as a PR Agent of K-Beauty.