Understanding China Sunscreen Cosmetics New Trends and Regulations

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Hedy He
Wednesday , 26th Jun 2019
REACH24H Consulting Group China

In recent years, as people gradually realize that ultraviolet rays are an important factor causing aging, facial wrinkles and skin cancer, users of sunscreen cosmetics are surging. At the same time, the regulation and supervision of sunscreen cosmetics are becoming increasingly strict. The sunscreen agent is the most frequently tested items. From May 2018 to 2019, National Medical Products Administration issued 9 notices of non-complaint sunscreen cosmetics, totaling 158 batches. To know the market situation and regulatory requirements of sunscreen cosmetics is the first and the most significant step of entering Chinese market.

The management on sunscreen cosmetics in China can be divided into 3 aspects, 1) approved sunscreen agents, 2) safety assessment on sunscreen cosmetics, 3) efficacy evaluation on sunscreen cosmetics. In this webinar, Ms. Hedy He from ChemLinked will firstly analyze Chinese sunscreen cosmetics market, including consumers’ preferences, marketing strategies and market trends, then specify detailed sunscreen cosmetics regulations such as approved ingredients, testing and labeling requirements, finally offer advice on entering Chinese market.


1. Chinese Sunscreen Cosmetics Market Analysis

  1.1 Current Chinese Sunscreen Cosmetics Market
      1.1.1 Market share of imported and domestic brands
      1.1.2 Chinese consumers’ preferences and focus
      1.1.3 Imported and domestic brands main strategies
          a) Crossover cooperation
          b) KOL promotion & Celebrity endorsement
          c) Successful case study

   1.2 Chinese Sunscreen Cosmetics Market Future Trends
       1.2.1 Ingredients
       1.2.2 Functions

2. Chinese Sunscreen Cosmetics Regulations

   2.1 Sunscreen Cosmetics Categories
      2.1.1 Sunscreens claim SPF/PA (chemical sunscreens)
      2.1.2 BB cream or segregation cream with SPF (non-chemical sunscreens)

   2.2 Approved sunscreen agents in cosmetics products in China

   2.3 Testing requirements
     2.3.1 Testing items, duration & cost

   2.4 Labeling requirements
     2.4.1 SPF
     2.4.2 UVA
     2.4.3 Labeling changes and related index determination

   2.5 Other Points to Note of Entering Chinese Market
     2.5.1 Trademark

*We encourage webinar attendees to raise questions ahead of the webinar. All questions will be addressed during the webinar or after.


Hedy He  Cosmetic Regulatory Editor & Analyst from ChemLinked

Hedy He is the cosmetic regulatory editor and analyst from ChemLinked. Currently, she keeps tracking regulatory change news in Asia Pacific area and focuses on cosmetic ingredient requirements, registration/filing/notification procedures of China, South Korea and Indonesia.

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  • ChemLinked Regulatory Analyst
    Hedy is an experienced cosmetic regulatory analyst in the ChemLinked team. She focuses on tracking, analyzing and interpreting the latest cosmetic regulatory and market changes in China, Indonesia, Vietnam and the rest of the Asia Pacific area. With in-depth understanding of cosmetics regulations, she attended various industry conferences, presented several speeches and often been interviewed by well-known cosmetics industry media. Area of expertise: China cosmetic import compliance, pre-market approval procedures, animal testing, Indonesia cosmetics halal certification and Vietnam cosmetics compliance.