Understanding Second Draft Amendments to the Cosmetics Hygiene Management Regulation

Lucy Lu
Wednesday , 29th Jul 2015

On July 20th 2015, the Legislative Affairs Office of China State Council promulgated the second version of the draft Regulation concerning Supervision and Administration over Cosmetics for public consultation. The period of public consultation will end on August 20th. China State Council is responsible for the issuance and implementation of this overarching cosmetic regulation. This round of consultation could be a rare chance (maybe the last chance before its issuance) for all stakeholders to give comments and make requests.

Compared to the previous draft released last November, this draft contains more significant changes to the management of cosmetics and ingredients. It thoroughly amends the classification of cosmetics and the registration requirements of new cosmetic ingredients and refines the labelling requirements and manufacturing management.


1. Background

  • Chinese Regulation over Cosmetics: Birth and Development

2. Interpretation of the Key Proposed Amendments

  • Changes in the Definition of Cosmetics

  • New Classification of Cosmetics

  • Breaking Down New the Registration Requirements

  • Product Quality and Safety Responsibilities of Manufacturers

  • Chinese Cosmetics GMP and "In-Market Surveillance"

  • New Labeling, Claims and Advertisement Management Requirements

  • Categories of Penalties

3. Take-Home Message


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Graduated from Holland’s prestigious Wageningen University, Lucy followed her passion for cosmetics and in 2015 joined the Cosmetics Division at the REACH24H Consulting Group. She is a specialist in cosmetic regulatory compliance and marketing. Lucy is also a founding member of The International Society for Phyto-Cosmetic Science.