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2017 Japan Revisions of Positive List of Additives in Quasi-drugs

  •   26 Dec 2017
  •    Jo Zhou
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    In 2017, the positive list of additives in quasi-drugs has been revised several times. Detailed contents are specified here:

    Revision of 2017.9.19

    1. For number 1124 "Di(Isostearyl /Phytosteryl ) Dilinoleate", add "formulation example" to column (3) "other medical cosmetic products, anti-odor control agents, repellents" in the types of "Quasi-drugs";
    2. Add the following additives to the list:

    Number 106 "Alcaligenes-producing polysaccharide"

    Number 243 "(eicosanedioic acid / tetradecanedioic acid) decaglyceryl solution"

    Number 413 "Otaka Enzyme"

    Number 965 "Diisostearic Acid Dye Merge Rino Rail"

    Number 1003 "Bisethoxydiglycol cyclohexane dicarboxylate"

    Number 1016 "Dihydrogenated Rosin Die Merge Rino Rail"

    Number 1667 "Calyx extract"

    Number 1707 "Hinagiku Flower Extract"

    Number 1804 "Brielastin"

    Number 1824 "Heraldino"

    Revision of 2017.10 20

    1. For Number 243 "Decaglyceryl Eicosanedioate/ Tetradecanedioate Solution", in column (3), correct the limits to 10 (instead of 1, an error in the former list)

    Revision of 2017.12.6

    1. Delete Number 1667 "Shirogi extract" in the additive list, and move Number 1668 - Number 2750 serial to Number 1667- Number 2479
    2. The item deleted can be re-included until June 30th 2020 when the treatment of the quasi-drugs gets approved.

    These revisions will be effective on Jan 4th 2018.

    The updated complete list is available on CL Cosme-list "Positive List of Additives in Quasi Drugs (2017.12)". Our Cosme-list has been updated with separate purchase for each list, and you may have a look for details.

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