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China Implements New Labeling Requirements for Sunscreens

  •   3 Jun 2016
  •    Angelita Hu
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    China Implements New Labeling Requirements for SunscreensOn June 1 2016 China Food and Drug Administration promulgated and implemented a regulation named “Requirements for Sunscreens Labeling”, revising the labeling requirements relating to SPF and PFA.

    The most significant change to the new regulation is the permission of marking SPF > 50 and PA ++++ on labels. In the past cosmetics can only be indicated by SPF > 30 and PA +++ even if the actual measured value is higher, which doesn’t align with the international standards.


    Reach24h’s Interpretation:

    1. For imported sunscreens, new claims can be marked on over-labels without the need of updating original packaging.
    2. The regulation mentioned that “measured SPF = 2~50, indication of the measured value”. It can be expected that SPF 13, 24, 48, etc will appear on labels and SPF value will be different between over-labels and original packaging due to deviation, which may confuse consumers. Manufacturers need to take the corresponding measures in advance.
    3. The new labeling requirements are favorable for manufacturers whose products have higher SPF value. In the past products with higher measured SPF, e.g 46 was no different with 31.
    4. China is far behind as SPF 50+, 70+ or higher has been already accepted in other countries while we can only mark SPF 30+.
    5. The deletion of marking integer of measured PFA may be because few companies adopt this kind of labeling method.

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