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China NIFDC to Formulate Toothpaste Efficacy Evaluation Standards

To ensure that toothpaste efficacy claims are based on scientific evidence, China National Institutes for Food and Drug Control (NIFDC) issued an announcement on August 8, 2023, seeking project undertaking units to formulate the following toothpaste efficacy evaluation standards. 1 The deadline for submissions is September 4, 2023.


Toothpaste Efficacy Evaluation Standard


Efficacy Evaluation of Toothpaste: General Principles


Efficacy Evaluation of Toothpaste: Anti-caries


Efficacy Evaluation of Toothpaste: Control of Dental Plaque


Efficacy Evaluation of Toothpaste: Anti-dentin Hypersensitivity


Efficacy Evaluation of Toothpaste: Gum Problems Alleviation

Administrative Measures on Toothpaste, which will be effective from December 1, 2023, require toothpaste notifiers to publish literature, research data, or product efficacy evaluation summary that supports the product claims on the notification information platform. The efficacy evaluation summary should include evaluation items, methods, institutions, and conclusions. This move aims to encourage transparency and social oversight in the toothpaste industry.

The development of the above standards will serve as a foundation for evaluating toothpaste efficacy, highlighting that these areas will be the focal points for future industry supervision. Toothpaste companies must carefully review their labels, avoiding the use of medical terms, false or exaggerated advertising, and efficacy claims without scientific basis. Strict supervision will promote standardized development in the toothpaste industry.

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