[Conference Exclusive] China to Optimize Cosmetic Market Surveillance Regulations

  •   11 Oct 2017
  •    Jo Zhou


    • During Sep. 19th -22nd 2017, the China Association of Fragrance Flavor and Cosmetic Industries (CAFFCI) held its annual conference
    • China is to optimize and strengthen regulations on cosmetic market surveillance to facilitate simplification of the pre-market approval system.

    A representative from Zhangjiang FDA, Xu Weihong outlined government plans to further optimize market surveillance and inspection of cosmetics. Currently, 2 of the most serious issues in China are: 1), illegal addition of pharmaceuticals to functional cosmetics, e.g. adding glucocorticoid to whitening products, adding metronidazole to anti-acne products; 2) the actual formula is different from registered formula, e.g. the hair dye product wasn’t manufactured in line with approved specifications on filing/registration certificate. CFDA has earmarked these 2 areas as key targets in their industry reform plan.

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