[Conference Exclusive] 2017 China Cosmetic Market Data Analysis and Predictions

  •   11 Oct 2017
  •    Jo Zhou

    Take home:

    • During Sep. 19th -22nd 2017, the China Association of Fragrance Flavor and Cosmetic Industries (CAFFCI) held its annual conference during which market, regulatory trends and forecasts were revealed.
    • Cosmetic sale growth rate shows an optimistic rise in 2017, statistic analyst predict an expansion of CNY 152 billion over the next 5 years

    Statistic from GFK manifested in H1 2017, total value of cosmetic retail sale in China reached CNY 120.3 billion, which surpass 11.3% on H1 2016 basis. The growth rate was even higher than total growth rate of consumer goods.

    The tendency of China cosmetic growth rate is:

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