Cruelty Free International Looks to End Animal Testing Globally by 2021: What’s in Store for China?

  •   7 Aug 2017
  •    Jo Zhou

    Take Home:

    Cruelty Free International attended the “International Cooperation on Cosmetics Regulation” conference and urged regulatory bodies to establish a deadline for a global phase out of animal testing by 2021.

    Alternatives testing methods have been invented and applied in half of the global cosmetic market. China currently only accepts one of them (3T3) and hasn’t banned animal testing yet.

    Cruelty Free International advised on faster and cheaper alternative testing methods to substitute animal testing and is looking to end animal testing globally by 2021. Currently, 6 testing endpoints commonly involve animal testing: 1) single dose toxicity, 2) acute oral toxicity, 3) skin irritation, 4) skin sensitization, 5) ocular or other mucous membrane irritation, 6) phototoxicity.

    Alternative testing methods for these endpoints have been invented and adapted by countries which banned animal testing. Alternative testing methods fall into the following categories:

    1. In vitro testing:

    Replace the use of guinea pigs or mice that would have been injected with substance or had it applied to their shaved skin to determine an allergic response, and replace rabbits in painful, prolonged experiments to test their ability to corrode or irritate the skin.

    2. Computer (in silico) Modeling:

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