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Learn from HEYTEA: Leveraging the Power of Crossover Co-branding

Crossover co-branding has been a hot marketing and branding method in China in recent years. HEYTEA exemplifies the power of crossover co-branding. The utilization of this marketing method has contributed significantly to its No.1 position in China’s tea chain market.

China’s tea chain market has grown with strong momentum in recent years. According to the “White Paper on 2019 New Style Tea Consumption” jointly released by 36Kr and China’s leading tea chain brand Nayuki’s Tea, the total size of China's tea market is expected to exceed 400 billion yuan in 2019, more than twice the size of the coffee market. In this segment, HEYTEA, which was founded in 2012, is undoubtedly the ace brand. According to the report of "2019 Top 30 Most Popular Tea Brands in China" released by the New Catering Big Data Research Organization, HEYTEA ranked No.1. In the evaluation of multiple investment institutions, the valuation of HEYTEA has reached 9 billion yuan [1], which is much higher than the No.2 brand Nayuki’s Tea.

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